The times of our lives so often relate to The Tracks of Time… or for those of you new to our Audiocast network the Tracks are not so much railroad tracks (although they can be) but the sounds of our lives. These sounds so often can be the music that is heard on the radio, ads, DJ’s, our records, CDs and mp3’s, by now you get the drift!

Here on the Harmonee Audio Showcast Network, our featured show titled The Tracks of Time – you might want to give it a listen it takes you back and forward sometimes with some recollected ads, comments, and always paying tribute to our music mentor Gene “By Golly” Barry the music professor in time. Somehow Gene is now so prolific in his impact on our lives in Dayton, Ohio.

Dayton, Ohio – Gene Barry’s Showtime City

Others in our audience will not know of Gene Barry, that’s OK as they will as our shows go by – By Golly, hi Clyde…

Listen to The Tracks of Time… on Harmonee with all of the above formats, past, present, and future, along with 90+% no-ad format. We want you to listen and hear while rolling back into the comfort of the Theatre of the Mind.

…or something just like this, a superhero, a fairytale of bliss – The Chainsmokers & Coldplay live at the Brits seatbelts optional, but recommended! Another great tune of circa 2017 a great year for rock and pop tunes for sure!

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